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AcadArena is the leading organization for Campus Gaming and Esports Education in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Run by a unique team of seasoned esports natives and non-native professionals, AcadArena ensures that all student gamers are experiencing the best of what campus esports could offer.
AladdinDAO is a decentralized network to shift crypto investments from venture capitalists to wisdom of crowds through collective value discovery.
Alkimiya is an open-source permissionless protocol for creating financial instruments backed by actual hashpower production—allowing anyone, anywhere, to design and deploy their own hashpower-backed instruments
ARCx is a scoring protocol that issues DeFi Passport to improve credit scores.
ArDrive is a suite of desktop, mobile and web applications that provides an intuitive way to securely synchronize your most important files to the Arweave decentralized storage network, also known as the Permaweb. It is being built by a community of like-minded technologists and evangelists seeking to popularize the storage layer for Web 3.0.
Developer of a blockchain protocol designed to offer permanent data storage services. The company's protocol is built on a consensus mechanism that makes permanent, low-cost data storage easily available anytime, enabling network topology to adapt autonomously to the appropriate routes of information distribution.
B-Protocol, a decentralized backstop liquidity protocol, where backstop liquidity providers (BLP) buy their right to liquidate under-collateralized loans and share their profits with the users of the platform. As a result, the users (borrowers and lenders) receive additional yield to their usual interest rate. The proposed mechanism eliminates the need for gas wars between liquidators, and thus transfers a big part of the protocol value back to the borrowers and lenders, which in turn improves their effective interest rate.
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Code4rena is a competitive audit platform that finds more high-severity vulnerabilities, more quickly than any other auditing method.
Community Gaming is the all-in-one esports competition platform, offering cutting edge infrastructure to key industry stakeholders. Through its seamless UX, plus highly scalable and efficient blockchain payment technology, the platform equips players, guilds, competition organizers, and game developers with the tools they need to create, facilitate, and participate in esports tournaments. Community Gaming believes in Earnings for Everyone, where the massive gains of the wider esports and gaming industry are decentralized and accessible via web3 technology to reward action and time.
CommunityXYZ, Profit Sharing Communities, fully decentralized built on top of Arweave. CommunityXYZ is a dashboard and governance platform for all of the Profit Sharing Communities that are built on the permaweb. Here, you are able to get an overview of each community as well as start your own!
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Connext is building the future of value transfer on the internet. We believe in the power of decentralized networks to transform finance and put value back into the hands of individuals. We think this becomes possible when everyday users can exchange value effortlessly between disparate cryptosystems. We're a small, technical team working at the confluence of distributed systems, game theory, and cryptography. We're funded by grants from the Ethereum Foundation and backed by some of the top investors in the space, including Polychain Capital, Consensys Ventures, 1kx, and others.