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Staff Software Engineer - Backend Multiplayer Services

Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2024

What is Cambria?

We're building a degen-native MMO with real-money crypto stakes, inspired by games like Runescape and Ultima Online.

Duel Arena, our first product, is a game world where you can challenge other players to high-stakes 1v1 duels and stake crypto on a fight to the death in the pits, winner-takes-all. In the last 2 weeks, we have done over $30m in volume (ETH wagered) in-game.


Our upcoming full game is a season-based competitive MMO where players ruthlessly compete for sovereign territory and limited resources as part of reward-sharing clans - where weeks of prep and millions of $$$ in staked equipment and armor culminate in massive PvP battles for dominance - a game of risk and reward.

About the Team

We are a fully remote team of 13 people from around the world that’s been building the core Cambria engine almost a year now. Prior to crypto gaming, our team has had experience scaling products and teams at companies like Gecko Robotics, Jane Street, Shopify, and more.

Cambria is backed by leading investors in gaming x crypto, including BITKRAFT, 1kx, Josh Buckley, Piers Kicks, Bharat Krymo, Charlie Songhurst, Chris Lee, Alex Brunicki, and many more industry angels and operators.

About the Role

As a crypto-native multiplayer game set in a persistent shared world, we face a unique set of challenges, both on and offchain.

  • Highly sophisticated and aggressive bad actors - bots, DDOS, exploits.
  • Single-shard, persistent world that needs to be capable of supporting thousands of concurrent players from across the world.
  • In-game events like massive guild v guild battles that create high-load scenarios
  • Real monetary stakes ($1m+) that ride on the outcome of real-time game logic and state.
  • Game state that straddles authoritative servers and onchain state.

We’re looking for someone who has both the experience as well as the ambition to solve these and other hard problems. We’ve been seeing a massive amount of interest in what we’re building ever since we launched Duel Arena - we’re now looking for someone to join us in our efforts to drive execution towards realizing our vision for the full Cambria experience.

Our current stack is Phaser.js / Svelte UI on the frontend, and Node.js / Typescript / Colyseus / Redis / Kubernetes on GCP on the backend.

We compensate very competitively - our token is also launching later this year and all of the core team is staked in on the equity and token side. is an equal opportunity employer.