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Eco Association: Content Marketing Manager (Remote)



Posted on Friday, January 26, 2024


The Eco Association is looking to bring on a talented Content Marketing Manager to take charge of our content strategy & execution.

This person will be responsible for developing and implementing all things content marketing-related to grow the Eco currency & protocol and the project’s mindshare in the industry. They will play a pivotal role in driving awareness and engagement — within Crypto Twitter and beyond — through compelling content that tells Eco’s story.

Who we are

The Eco Association promotes the independent development and growth of the Eco Currency and the network and community that develop around it.

We’re a small team — just two people! — so this is very much an early-stage startup type role. We are supported, of course, by a strong network and community of contributors to the Eco project at-large. This is very much a zero-to-one position, and if the idea of building & running an entire content program from scratch excites you, this could be a great fit.

To learn more about Eco, check out or @eco on Twitter. The Eco Association is remote-first.


As Content Marketing Manager, you will:

  • Develop and execute a content marketing strategy from concepting ideas, to prioritizing, scheduling, executing, and creatively bringing messages to life
  • Identify the most compelling narratives that are emergent in crypto, and incorporate them in framing the broader content strategy for Eco
  • Lead the creation of content across various channels, including Twitter/Spaces,, blog posts, earned media, Discord, and more
  • Write everything from explainer threads, to our monthly Substack newsletter, to playful-but-professional memes to accompany tweets
  • Own & iterate on the Eco Association’s brand voice, collaborating with others to define it, and ensuring its consistency is upheld across content
  • Own & oversee our Twitter account (and potentially Farcaster/Lens/etc), respond to DMs/mentions where relevant, retweet things, etc.
  • Engage Association members & Eco community in helping with content creation & amplification, where appropriate

This role will be a highly collaborative one — it will involve working closely with other Association members and Eco contributors. It is also likely to be a fluid one; we’re a small team and we get our hands dirty, so you’re encouraged to step into other areas outside the formal scope of your role.

This is designed as a part-time position to start, but we’d explore it being a full-time role for the right candidate. The goal here, above all else, is to find the right person for the job — then, let’s talk specifics & what you need.

Who You Are

These aren’t hard-and-fast requirements, but they do describe the kind of person we think would be most effective in this role. You:

  • Have successfully grown a social presence, from nascent to prominent, for a brand (preferably in crypto) — likely with an emphasis on using Twitter to drive growth
  • Have strong writing, editing, and project management skills
  • Are active on Crypto Twitter
  • Have the ability to create content for various platforms and target audiences (i.e., from professional & polished for the most “trad” of TradFi audiences, to degen-friendly for the depths of crypto Twitter you can get the message across! don’t just think & work inside the crypto box, but you get the crypto box deeply)
  • Have worked in or around PR firms before and know how to use earned media to get things done
  • Are tremendously excited about the idea of Eco & what it is — you believe crypto offers the opportunity to finally innovate on the concept of currency and its governance in a big way, and are energized by the idea of communicating complex, novel, bleeding-edge themes in simple terms
Eco is an equal opportunity employer.