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Fullstack Engineer (Full-Time)

Gearbox Protocol

Gearbox Protocol

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Fullstack Engineer (Full-Time)

Job Posted
April 16, 2024 4:11 AM

Fullstack Engineer (Full-Time)

full-time, remote, 5-8k$ + tokens

About Gearbox

Gearbox is onchain credit protocol enabling lending, leverage trading and farming in DeFi native way. The project attracted more than 8M investments from well-known VCs and actively expanding it's product line now having more than $350M total value locked into the protocol. We are looking for talented and self-motivated full-stack developer to join our team (full-time).

What you’ll do

Work on the monitoring / operational team, develop infrastructure projects & dashboard to make protocol more robust and transparent.
Plan, lead and implement small to medium projects independently, and large projects collaboratively, working across the stack.
Build monitoring solution which would be used for Gearbox Protocol (TVL $350M+).
Work with many modern DeFi protocols, helping with integrations

Who we’re looking for

Have 3-5+ years of experience shipping high quality products.
Experience working across the backend and frontend stack.
Experience working with TypeScript, Node, Express, web3 libs (ethers.js) and relational databases (MySQL / Postgres) on the backend.
Experience working with TypeScript, React, Redux, ethers.js, wagmi on the frontend.
Familiarity with Vercel / Cloudfare infra
Familiarity with DeFi: AMMs design, lending markets, yield strategies, like farming, lending, and staking would be plus
Smart-contract knowledge (solidity) + Foundry would be a plus
You reduce complex problems into simple solutions that scale well.
You're excited about difficult challenges and getting things done from start to finish.
You’re a self-motivated learner – take initiative to learn the unknown & share new understanding for yourself and your peers.
You believe shipped is better than perfect – ship early and often.
You thrive on feedback from your peers and are constantly looking to improve.

You’re interested in

A full-time position
A fully remote work environment with lots of synchronous communication
All things at the cutting edge of web3

How to apply

Send DM in telegram to @OxMikko, @apeir99n
Share a bit about your background and what makes you excited about working with us!