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General Counsel

Index Coop

Index Coop

United Kingdom · Remote
Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2024


The Index Coop is seeking an experienced, crypto-native General Counsel to help grow the DAO. If you're a crypto counsel who loves to enable ideas, innovation and growth, we'd love to hear from you.

About Index Coop

The Index Coop is on a mission to enable simple access to risks and returns in crypto. Index Coop is a DAO building Index Protocol, various products and a UI for global users*. Our products have ~$100m TVL and Index Coop has >3 years of operation. We operate as a small team of globally distributed core contributors with a focus on decentralisation.

The Index Coop is looking for a qualified, knowledgeable and self-motivated General Counsel to help us build and strengthen the DAO and realise our vision. The role is remote and will have a significant position and clout in the organisation - as an enabler of the engineering and product functions, but also as a defender of the organisation by optimising our legal and regulatory strategy.

*Users must not be Restricted Persons however. See Terms of Service

Job summary

You are an experienced, crypto-native General Counsel ready to join the Index Coop DAO and contribute to the mission. You will jump into the significant foundations and investment already made in legal and regulatory, manage external counsel relationships in various locations and create and lead the execution of Index Coop’s legal and regulatory strategy. Strong candidates will have deep experience and knowledge of US, UK, EU and other major crypto hub laws and regulations. You will also need to believe deeply in the mission of DeFi and Index Coop too, to enable an interest and knowledge level that enables you to work effectively hand in hand with colleagues in Engineering, Product and Growth. You are a roll-your-sleeves up executor, excellent communicator and strong team player. While being an effective operator, you’re also humble and kind. And, most importantly, you enable ideas, innovation and growth.

Key responsibilities


  • Develop and execute the in-house Index Coop legal and regulatory strategy and action plan.
  • This will also cover commercial affairs, contracts with partners and have an eye on our protocol, product and growth roadmap.


  • Simply put your strategy into action.
  • Work with external counsels, building on top of prior work and investment. You will decide when and how we work with external counsel partners.
  • Work in deep collaboration with colleagues in engineering, product, marketing and sales roles to enable their work on one hand but also operationalise your strategy.
  • Handle any potential engagements with regulators and lawmakers.
  • Where appropriate, handle outbound, proactive engagement with regulators and lawmakers.
  • Enable our sales team to create more value with more and better contracts for specific partnership situations. Generally keep on top of all contractual affairs and act as a partner during important negotiations.
  • Partner with marketing colleagues to ensure communications are optimised, building on prior advice and investment in compliance.
  • Optimise Index Coop’s IP, copyright and licensing affairs and enable infrequent but important fund-raising events.
  • Act as a thought leader in the regulatory niche related to onchain structured products.

Background, qualifications and skills

  • Qualified lawyer from outside of the US, currently practising and with eight or more years of experience. You are not a US person and are not based in the US.
  • Commercial and DeFi legal experience and used to working in small, fast-moving teams.
  • Experience working as a close partner to engineering, product, marketing and sales colleagues.
  • Understanding of DeFi and onchain structured products - and hopefully Index Coop products too.
  • A deep understanding of the legal underpinnings of onchain structured products.
  • Experience engaging with primary regulators and related lawmakers in locations such as the US, UK, EU, Middle East and Singapore.
  • Deep interest in DeFi’s and Index Coop’s mission, which enables a knowledge level to work effectively with other Index Coop colleagues.
  • You’re an analytical systems thinker who is able to communicate complicated things to people quickly and effectively.
  • You are most critically an enabler of ideas, innovation and growth, not a general blocker or bureaucrat.
  • You want to see Index Coop grow and succeed at wild scale while operating compliantly and intelligently.
  • Problem solver who likes to roll their sleeves up and get hands on.
  • You are a well networked crypto lawyer, with friends in helpful places and your fingers generally on the pulse of crypto legal trends.


  • Competitive market rate package of monthly stablecoin compensation and a vesting contract of$INDEX
  • Stablecoin compensation range of $150-$300k depending on experience, profile and fit
  • allocation also dependent on experience, profile and fit$INDEX
Index Coop is an equal opportunity employer.