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Cryptography Engineer



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Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Fully remote worldwide position

Lagrange Labs is looking to hire a Cryptography Engineer to join our fast growing research team. The ideal candidate would have familiarity developing production level zero-knowledge proof systems in Rust.

Our team ( is currently building ZK MapReduce, a novel proof system that is designed for concurrently proving large-scale batch storage inclusion and dynamic MapReduce style computations. At the core of the ZK MapReduce stack is Recproofs, a new vector commitment scheme developed by the Lagrange Labs research team.

Recproofs are optimized for onchain applications that require computing and efficiently maintain a proof over a moving stream of blocks. Each proof can be updated in logarithmic time whenever the leaves in a subset change or the overall set changes.

Our proofs are already being used to empower new applications ranging from trustless DeFi primitives computed from historical data, to digest transformations for ZK-rollups to verifiable public goods funding based on onchain activity.


The ideal candidate for the cryptography engineering role at Lagrange would have:

  • A background in implementing applied cryptographic primitives in Rust (zero-knowledge proofs, elliptic curve cryptography, vector commitments, etc).
  • Experience working with modern Rust based proving systems (Plonky2, Nova, Halo2, Bellman, etc).
  • An strong understanding of the theoretical basis of zero-knowledge proofs
  • An interest in working on low-level optimizations to novel proof constructions and distributed proving systems.
  • Experience in writing and maintaining cryptographic libraries in Rust
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Independent motivation and an interest in being part of a team building innovative products


  • Competitive salary + equity and token package
  • Team offsites and conference travel
  • Fully remote with flexible hours
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Top-tier health, dental, and vision coverage for US employees

Why Lagrange?

  • Opportunity to work alongside other top-tier and passionate researchers and engineers
  • Respectful team culture with high individual ownership of your work
  • Be a part of developing groundbreaking solutions that can be a key piece of infrastructure for the crypto industry.
  • Ability to contribute to high impact research publications