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Nervos Network

Nervos Network

Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, June 12, 2023

Are you an ambitious and self-driven engineer, who can help to grow a thriving ecosystem of open source blockchain developers? The Nervos community has been waiting for you.

This is an opportunity to pave novel ground, you will play a critical role in realizing the potential of a transformational Layer 1 blockchain, lowering the learning curve for others and evangelizing previously unseen possibilities.

To succeed in this role, you'll need to be someone who can work with software that is under active development and figure things out so others can dive right in, becoming an expert guide for developers journeying through a brave new world.

The mission of the Nervos Foundation is to bootstrap a community capable of carrying an innovative blockchain network far into the future, to provide robust, permissionless infrastructure for tomorrow's digital economy.

We're a small global team looking for others who share our uncompromising ambition for technology and progress.

Our values: Trust, openness, sustainability, permissionless action

Tech Stack: Rust, Typescript, possibly some C and Solidity

What you'll do:

  • Take ownership of the developer onboarding experience, ensuring appropriate resources are available and widely circulated in the community
  • Travel to conferences, hackathons and other crypto community gatherings to grow and support the ecosystem through events and workshops
  • Proactively identify issues and potential solutions, facilitate an ever-improving developer onboarding experience
  • Create and improve technical content: documentation, explainers, examples
  • Engage directly with ecosystem projects to provide technical support in Discord or on forums, assist in debugging and conveying best practices
  • Maintain an understanding of blockchain technologies across the industry to accurately compare and contrast Nervos CKB with others

Who you are:

  • 2-3 years in the crypto industry, 5+ years of engineering/software development experience
  • Demonstrated experience building or supporting decentralized applications, knowledge of how communities/ecosystems form
  • Understanding of blockchain architectures and differences such as Solidity vs. Move, EVM vs. CosmWASM, UTXO vs. Account model, basic working knowledge of applied cryptography
  • Comfortable operating in a space of constant evolution, that at times can be uncertain or contradictory
  • Strong communication and relationship management skills, responsive and well-organized
  • Highly proficient in Rust and TypeScript, bonus if proficient in C or Solidity
  • Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree, but self-taught developers are encouraged to apply

What we offer:

  • A remote work environment with a high degree of autonomy, flexibility and task significance
  • Small team of welcoming, diverse and inspired individuals
  • Collaborative, fast-paced, self-initiating culture
  • The opportunity to be a part of something truly novel and game-changing
  • Competitive salary

About the Nervos Foundation The Nervos Foundation initiated and supports the development of the the Nervos network, a flexible blockchain platform secured by proof of work, which allows developers freedom of choice in cryptographic primitives and architecture of decentralized applications.

Nervos CKB is a public blockchain and smart contract platform. It is a flexible, low-level substrate or "kernel" of an expansive modular blockchain network. The development of this network is supported by multiple organizations and communities that span the globe. Learn more at