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 Senior Protocol Engineer (Solidity + Rust)LondonRemote



Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024

⚒️ Senior Protocol Engineer (Solidity + Rust)

For blockchain technology to revolutionize the digital economy we require mass adoption, which can only happen with a drastic improvement in UX. We believe that account abstraction will be the path to achieving this and that a modular smart account infrastructure will provide the foundations to go beyond just UX improvements (e.g. gas fee and seed phrase abstraction) to a world where powerful onchain products become the norm.
Build at the forefront of account abstraction infrastructure and prepare web3 for its first 1 billion users.
At Rhinestone, our technology transforms smart accounts into an open and programmable platform for any third-party developer. Today, smart account development is cumbersome and complex. Only the core developers of the account contribute to its features, stifling innovation. Rhinestone enables any developer to build self-contained components, called modules, that extend the functionality of smart accounts. Creating an “app store moment” and introducing a new primitive to supercharge onchain products.
Rhinestone is backed by leading crypto institutions, including the Ethereum Foundation, 1kx, Lattice, Heartcore, and Safe.

The role

As a Senior Solidity Developer (Solidity + Rust), you’ll lead projects across the Rhinestone Protocol, developer tooling (e.g. ModuleKit), and the Rhinestone Wallet. You’ll be expected to learn the inner workings of smart accounts, understand the different implementations (e.g. Safe, Biconomy, ZeroDev’s Kernel, etc), and how developers are using them at the application layer. This role will also build supporting infrastructure for the Rhinestone Protocol. This will include building offchain services for the registry operations, and audit marketplace, to support common module types, for example, the integration of relay services and data oracles, and more.
Rhinestone is in its earliest innings and we are innovating at the tip of the spear of account abstraction and wallet infrastructure. This is an opportunity for you to leave a mark on the broader ecosystem and become a true domain expert. You’ll be expected to hold your own with leading teams across the space who we regularly interact with, including Safe, core contributors of ERC-4337, Biconomy, ZeroDev, Circle, and OKX to name a few, to drive forward our development initiatives and ecosystem standards, like ERC-7579.


Architecture and design of our protocol with an emphasis on security, performance, and scalability
Architecture and design of offchain components with an emphasis on security, performance, and scalability
Develop and execute on best practice frameworks for protocol upgrades and versioning across networks
Write, deploy, and test smart contracts (either protocol components, or developer tooling or smart account modules) and maintain them in production
Work closely with the Founders, engineering, and product on the B2B and B2C applications built on top of the Rhinestone infrastructure, including our own wallet
Stay up to date with the latest Solidity releases, developer tooling, and exploits to ensure we as a team are using best practices

Relevant experience

6+ years of relevant industry experience
2+ years of smart contract development including production deployments of non-trivial protocols and contracts
Experience building and helping scale complex backend systems with a focus on DevOps
A sound understanding of CI/CD tools, Docker and container orchestration tools, cloud platforms, and monitoring and logging tools
High proficiency with Solidity and Rust
Experience designing, building, testing, deploying, and maintaining high-traffic smart contracts
Ability to balance shipping quickly with building stable infrastructure
Experience working with startups
Contributions to various open source projects, especially in the Ethereum Ecosystem
A hustler mentality, founding a company or building side projects is a huge plus!

Our tech stack

Onchain: Solidity (Foundry)
Offchain backend: Rust, Node, Typescript, and various other JS/TS-based frameworks
Offchain frontend: NextJS, Typescript and Tailwind

What we offer

The opportunity to work at the forefront of modular smart account infrastructure, build a foundational protocol for the smart ecosystem, and share in the economic upside (meaningful equity compensation). You’re getting in at the ground floor and have the opportunity to shape the company with the founding team.
Reach out to to start the application process.