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Strider is a web3 platform that is focusing on bringing DAOs to video games. After recently being funded $3M, Strider plans to focus on giving people instant and transparent access to teams developing new intellectual property for entertainment and games, yet still offering the opportunity to co-create and invest. Strider explains that their personal mission is “to harness the creative power of communities to build storyworlds and games that go-to-market faster.” By allowing developers to build games on the blockchain, they can then decentralize the game to allow the community to start making decisions. Hopefully by giving users the opportunity to vote, games will become more refined. This is because it is the users who find bugs, who play the game, and most importantly who the product is for. If they are able to fix what they want, games created using DAOs should be great due to the excessive iteration. Crowdfunding these games also removes the blocker of money. Strider has been receiving lots of funding and with that they will be able to hire developers and get the tools they need. Not to mention that a token will be created as well along with governance tokens. Thus those who are governing the game will have true interest in it because they are purchasing the governance tokens. Bringing cryptocurrency to a game in a decentralized way is a foreign idea. Before DAO’s there was no market in games besides centralized virtual currencies. Strider is creating a new market within gaming.

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