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Lead Webcomic Artist (VScroll, Anime/Manhwa Action Fantasy)



United States
Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2024


We are currently seeking contract Lead Action Fantasy Webcomic Artists to work on one of several original IPs. As a webcomic artist, you will be the lead artist for a new story world, building out the next beloved IP alongside your team which consists of a primary writer, additional artists, and the Storygrounds creative support team.

For this project, we are targeting an action-fantasy setting that captures anime and Eastern webcomic aesthetics. We are seeking an artist who can render a fantasy setting and craft high-quality action scenes. The ideal candidate will take advantage of vertical scroll to create a dynamic composition and coherent motion all the while creating visually appealing, emotionally expressive, characters. This candidate will also excel at rendering fights that may include monsters, magic, and ample motion/special effects. There should be a focus on visceral combat choreography as well as maintaining character design consistency throughout the samples.

As a platform, Storygrounds is exploring new ways for creators and their fan communities to connect in more collaborative and impactful ways. You will be a pioneer in helping to make the webcomic space more connected and fruitful for all. :)


  • Work as the lead artist on a brand new webcomic IP.
  • Partnered with a writer, you will work alongside the Storygrounds team to develop an original IP within the action fantasy genre.
  • Create high-quality, consistent, vertical scroll comic episodes (40-60 panels per episode), delivered on a weekly basis.
  • Develop the artistic direction of the project’s character cast and build out the visual setting of the project’s world.
  • Contribute narrative ideas and help enhance the project’s story.


  • Must have a portfolio demonstrating the ability to create an action, fantasy, and anime/manhua style. Comic work, vertical scroll, and sequential samples are HIGHLY desired.
  • Must be available to commit to a given project for at least 8 months with potential for extension.
  • Familiarity with webcomic storytelling and anime aesthetics as well as their distinct genre staples/tropes is REQUIRED.
  • Embodies a collaborative mindset, allowing for flexibility on how a story and/or episode is visually told.
  • Must be able to provide properly organized and layered files (Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint) according to company specifications.
  • Team player who can communicate punctually and professionally.
  • Contribute to a positive work and team environment.
  • Able to attend occasional kick-off and sync-up meetings during Pacific time-zone work hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM).
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English.


  • Have worked on webcomics productions OR have a demonstrable portfolio of vertical scroll comic samples.
  • Have worked in a professional capacity on an art production pipeline within video games, animation, or equivalent.
  • Have experience working across other webcomic genres such as slice-of-life, romance, drama, comedy, etc.
  • Has worked on a well-known webcomic series.